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Our "Standard rates" are being revised for 2016. 

Please call our office at













Vehicle Type
Mini Buses
Motor Coaches
Passenger Capacity

Local hourly rates for dinner transfers, tours, shuttles etc.

First Four Hour Minimum

Each Additional Hour Thereafter

One way transfers and airport transfers  

Transfers within San Francisco to SFO or points on the peninsula north of Ralston Road

Transfers within Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda or transfers from the same to SF, SFO, and OAK            
Transfers between Ralston Road and Highway 85 or from same to San Francisco and SFO            
Transfers within points south of Highway 85 to San Jose and to / from the San Jose Airport Call Call Call Call Call Call

1. Additional hours, after the first four hour minimum, are billed in 1/4 hour increments.

2. Deadhead charges will be added to jobs commencing in Marin County, North of Berkeley, or South of Hayward

3. Hourly charter trips are based on the greater of hourly or mileage rates (not shown). Call for a rate quotation and information on

overnight and long distance trips over 100 miles.

4. One way transfers must be completed within 60 minutes of start time to avoid extra charges at hourly rates shown.

5. A optional service charge of $ 5 per hour up to 10% of the total charge is not included in the rates above.

6. All rates are based on availability and subject to change until confirmed.

7. 45 seat mini coaches do not have restrooms or under floor luggage space. Use 47 seat coaches for luggage trips.


9. No sales taxes are required on charter services. The 1% PUC Tax is already included in our rates.

10. To compute your charter add 10% (10% service charge) to the rates above.  

10. Private party orders will require deposits paid in advance by a certain date. These advance deposits CANNOT be made by credit cards. Advance deposits that are send to us past the require deadline, may be required to be made by cashiers check. We may also ask private parties to post a credit card to cover any overtime and damages incurred during a charter.

11. We occasionally do sub charter services from other qualified carriers we work with and trust. This practice helps us accommodate time and equipment change requests customers may make, deal with un-foreseen mechanical problems with equipment, and large multiple bus orders.

12. When reservations are made, we quote a price and hold equipment for a specific period of time and distance. Changes in use times and distances, can change the price of a particular service. We ultimately charge the reservation time or the actual time used, whichever is greater. Refunds for non un-used time are normally not given as the space cannot be resold.

13. No other hidden charges. Be careful if you are checking around. Some guys offer low rates, only to blindside you with extra fees after the sale like sales tax and garbage service charges. Get the quote in writing, we do it, they should too :)  


Normal cancellation policy for single bus orders -

multiple bus orders and private party advance orders may have different cancellation terms


Between 5 days prior until 9:00 am the day prior to services.     Four hour minimum charge for all hourly charters

                                                                                            Full estimated charges for all one way transfers

After 9:00 am the day prior, up to the scheduled depart time     Full estimated charge for all transfers and charters


Smoking or Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on board any Destination Systems vehicles.











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